Identifying Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease


It is important to be aware of the stages of Alzheimer’s disease because depending on what stage the client is in will greatly influence the type and length of time the massage is given. The first stage is unrecognizable, there is no impairment. The second stage there is some memory loss and forgetfulness. The third stage is still mild, in addition to the previous signs; there is also an inability to focus and a difficult time planning. The fourth stage involves a difficult time doing tasks and an inability to do numeric tasks. The fifth stage a person has trouble remembering present facts, like the month or day, and they may have some incontinence. The sixth stage is more severe, a person does not know facts about themselves, such as their name and personal history, and there is also a decline in physical abilities such as using the restroom. A person in this stage needs assistance is daily living. The last stage is very severe, a person may not be able to speak anymore and is completely unable to care for themselves, they would need 24/7 care.

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