Generalized Anxiety Disorder


A member of my extended family was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. At first, she thought she may have had postpartum depression, but that was ruled out because she did not start to experience the symptoms until 8 months after her child was born. Out of the blue, she started to worry constantly. Her worries were obsessive and about things that most people would not dwell on. She would worry about things like if she would die, what would happen to her daughter. She also blamed herself for her daughter’s epilepsy, which she herself has. Some of her other symptoms was a racing heart, shaking, crying for hours, difficulty breathing, and in general, being very unhappy. Her physician put her on antianxiety and antidepressant medication. After a good month or so, the mediations had seemed to help. If she had come to me for a massage while she was experiencing the symptoms of GAD, I would try to be very nurturing and focus the massage on areas of her neck, back and shoulders and make sure she was warm at all times. I would also avoid any aggressive techniques because this could increase anxiety.

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