Massage considerations for patients undergoing chemotherapy


Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy endure several side effects which a massage therapist should be aware of and make modifications to the treatment plan. One side effect is infection. If the client, massage therapist, or someone from the household of the therapist has an infection, the massage should be postponed. Anemia is another side effect of chemotherapy. If the client is anemic, treatment time should be no longer than 30 minutes, pressure should be light and you may have to adjust the position of the body depending on the symptoms. A common side effect of chemotherapy is nausea. If the client is nauseated, use a semi reclined position and light pressure. Avoid scents such as aromatherapy oils since this can further nauseate a client. As always, continue constant dialogue with the client regarding how they are feeling, if any new side effects have appeared, and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

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