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Reduce our national debt by reducing the federal electronic medical records mandate, comment

July 29, 2011

As a full time massage therapist, I am seeing more people under stress because of the uncertainty of the USA budget, finances, credit, and inability to pay. These people under stress are ordinary citizens and politicians. My heart goes out to both groups of people.

I do not understand how the politicians and the President can force the health care industry to spend money on federally mandated electronic medical records. This sadness occurs especially when our US government is requiring specific types of overbearing electronic medical records and it cannot balance its own budget.

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A fairytale Disney vacation for our princess

July 7, 2011

Guest post written by Mary Caldwell

To say that our daughter likes princesses would be a vast understatement. If we would let her, she would definitely just wear her princess dress-up outfits to school every day and even sleep in them. But we obviously make her wear regular clothes. I tell her that it wouldn’t be special if she wore them all of the time! Because of her love for princesses we thought that it would be neat to go to Walt Disney World for vacation this summer.

She’s never been and I haven’t been since I was a kid so I’m pretty excited about it. While I was looking up some information on that and deciding the actual dates for us to go, I saw the site I read through it and thought that would be a great service to have so I signed up for it.

We’ll of course have to make a visit to Cinderella’s castle, where you can apparently eat breakfast. I guess that we’ll let her wear her princess outfit to that. Besides, she will be in the company of another princess!

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