Delray Recovery Center information


Sally: Where are you going today, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: I don’t know. I am feeling really depressed lately.

Sally: What is happening in your life?

Elizabeth: I see less massage clients and there is less money for our family budget. My husband, children, and I are on edge more. I am depressed, anxious, having trouble sleeping, and hooked on over-the-counter sleeping pills. I wish I could get some help.

Sally: I know the right people. Call Delray Recovery Center at 1-855-887-6763 or 1-561-404-1474. Their website is

Elizabeth: I’d rather talk to a holistic center.

Sally: Delray Recovery Center uses holistic, traditional, and alternative treatments. And they use our favorite, therapeutic massage therapy. I feel they can help you with an over-the-counter sleeping pill addiction. They assist entire families with addiction problems. On top of this, they have sessions for the entire family.

Elizabeth: Where are they located?

Sally: In Florida.

Elizabeth: This is good because I do not want to have treatments in the same city that I live in.

Sally: If you want to do so, you can call one of them and talk to one of their counselors for free. They are really concerned about helping people. And they have a very nice facility similar to an upscale hotel. There are places for outdoor activities.

Elizabeth: You convinced me. I will call them right now.


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