Employment Opportunities in Healthcare Informatics, comment


There are plenty of jobs in healthcare informatics. This is a relatively new field in health care. Technology is becoming more useful every day in ways we did not imagine 50 years ago. Technology will continue to grow and change as new ideas surface. As this growth and change occurs, people will need to keep up and be able to fix these machines/programs as they go down. Now that technology has surfaced into the health care field, more jobs will become available. This include massage therapy where one therapy center employs several office personal using informatics and technology.

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Healthcare Informatics Resources. (2013, April 29). Employment Opportunities in Healthcare Informatics [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://healthcare-informatics-resources.com/2013/04/30/employment-opportunities-in-healthcare-informatics/#comment-6586

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  1. Massage Pathology Chronicles Says:

    Healthcare informatics seems like it would be a good field to get into. The purpose is to deliver effective health care to patients. It involves bringing together various resources, techniques and systems to maximize the use of the wealth of medical knowledge, technological advances and drug breakthroughs that are available. It is used in a wide variety of health-related fields, including dentistry, massage therapy, pharmacy, nursing, medical research clinical care and public health. I think I might look more into this.

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