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Using Human Factors in Designing Forms for Paper or Electronic Documentation, comment

April 11, 2012

RE: Using Human Factors in Designing Forms for Paper or Electronic Documentation

I am a strong believer in using the right form. The right form should be easy to understand and to complete. At our physical therapy center, we depend heavily on forms. There are forms for our patients, staff, and students.

One thing that really irks me is the use of copies of forms. With each re-copy, the form becomes harder to read. And there are misalignments. Since personal computers and quality printers are a big part of offices and centers, it is easy to print the necessary forms.

I agree with you that “play a very important role in every business process within an organization.”

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Reduce our national debt by reducing the federal electronic medical records mandate, comment

July 29, 2011

As a full time massage therapist, I am seeing more people under stress because of the uncertainty of the USA budget, finances, credit, and inability to pay. These people under stress are ordinary citizens and politicians. My heart goes out to both groups of people.

I do not understand how the politicians and the President can force the health care industry to spend money on federally mandated electronic medical records. This sadness occurs especially when our US government is requiring specific types of overbearing electronic medical records and it cannot balance its own budget.

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Client Intake and Health Assessment

July 27, 2009

In chapter 2 it talks about Client intakes and Health Assessment. When having a client the therapist should be professional in appearance and mannerism, and knowledgeable, skilled, self-aware, focused, calm, confident, and prepared. The massage therapist should collect subjective and objective information and combine these findings to decide what type, length of time, and frequency of treatment is needed. Subjective data are any information that can be gained from the client; it includes all written disclosure given on the intake form and all information gathered during the massage consultation. Objective data are measurable and quantitative, such as the size and shape of a mole, whether the right shoulder is higher than the left, or if the left knee is larger or (swollen) than the right, and by how much. Objective data may be a comparison of range of motion in one hip joint as compared to the other. The main components used for gathering objective information are observation and palpation, even though all senses participate in the process. Documentation is an important component of client care. Therapist need to document important aspect of premassage assessment, and assessment made during the massage treatment. Documentation protects the client by being a source of valuable information for the massage therapist & future therapists. Documentation and client records are legal evidence; this serves to protect the therapist by establishing professional accountability. Client’s intake and Health Assessments are very important to take down, it will help the massage therapist in the long run to document everything about the client and it would just be the more professional thing to do.

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Client Intake

May 21, 2009

In my intern work at my massage school, we use a very limited intake form for our new clients. I have created my own intake forms with additional notes for returning clients therapy. I have found that clients are impressed with the care I take in making sure I document not only their concerns, but their progress as well. I have more returning clients in my internship, as they prefer a therapist who takes the time to notate ongoing progress.

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