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Ten Benefits of Massage Therapy

September 29, 2020
  • Massage therapy is the healing manipulation of the soft tissues. Also, a massage can be one of the most pleasing experiences a person can enjoy. Since ancient times, massage has been used as a treatment for stress or pain. Interestingly, there are many pluses massage provides that way beyond stress and pain relief.
  • There are a wide class of massages. These are just a few examples:
    • Swedish
    • Thai
    • Hot stone
    • Aromatherapy massage
    • Trigger point
    • Sports
    • Deep tissue
    • Shiatsu
  • It is said the best option is to give them all a try and see what works best for you. Each person seems to have his/her own favorite.
  • See how receiving a massage on a frequent basis can have a great impact on your mental and physical health:
    • 1. Improved sleep. If you’ve never had a massage before, you’ll be amazed by how well you sleep that night. There’s a lot of theories on why massage helps your ability to sleep, but there’s no doubt that it does. If you toss and turn to sleep, get a massage and see for yourself how much it helps you.
    • 2. It corrects the damage of sitting all day. A massage might be the most enjoyable cure for the pain that sitting all day causes to your body. It will help to lift your back and neck. Massage will decompress your spine and make you feel many years younger. If you spend a full day sitting in a chair, a massage is a needed.
    • 3. Massage is a great at calming. You’ll never feel more relaxed than you will after a great massage. It seems to squeeze all the stress out of your physical frame and leave you feeling like a sleepy, relaxed kitten.
    • 4. It increases your white blood cell count. Massage has been shown in numerous health studies to raise white cell count. It improves your immune system and reduces the likelihood of becoming ill.
    • 5. Massage sharpens focus. Focus and relaxation are related. Massage has the ability to free your mind and allow you to focus more sharply. Those that struggle to concentrate on a task often find that massage is helpful in this aspect.
    • 6. Lowered depression symptoms. A routine massage helps to prevent depression. It also reduces the symptoms of depression when you’re feeling down. If you’ve been feeling emotionally down, a massage is worth a try.
    • 7. Enhanced posture. Studies show that massage can help improve your posture. If you’re prone to hanging your head forward or slumping, massage could be the answer. Many people report feeling like they are taller after a massage. This is the result of improved posture and feeling better about ones self.
    • 8. Increased flexibility. Enhanced flexibility is the result. Flexibility is primarily a function of nervous tension. Massage helps to reduce the amount of tension in the muscle.
    • 9. Reduced pain. It might be right thinking to assume that massage would increase pain when you consider that the massage therapist is squeezing, pushing, and pulling on your body. To the contary, the opposite is true. The massage itself could be painful for a brief time, however you’ll feel less pain after the massage than before.
    • 10. Prevention of injury. Massage does great things for your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A significant number of professional athletes receive regular massages to help prevent and treat injuries.
  • If you have never had a massage, you’re in for a delight. If you have had a massage, why aren’t you having them more frequent? Massage is a great activity to include in your health activity plan.
  • Keep and open mind and ask around for referrals. Based on your location, there are licensed and unlicensed massage therapists. You never know who will work the greatest peace on your body.

Pathology Textbooks

November 22, 2017

Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage

Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists

Rapid Review Pathology

Mosby’s Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, 4th Edition is written by a massage therapist, Susan Salvo, this provides direct information along with specific therapeutic recommendations. This teaches you on how to execute treatments, needed protocols for therapists working with fragile clients.

Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists presents more than just a parade of diseases. It takes the reader through client consultation and health assessment, covers hygiene and sanitation, and talks about general endangerment sites and contraindications. This book is also written by a massage therapist, Susan Salvo.

Lastly, Rapid Review Pathology, by Edward F. Goljan, MD, makes it easy for you to master all of the pathology material covered on the USMLE Step 1 Exam. Review the most current information with completely updated chapters and more than 675 images. These textbooks will provide you pathology knowledge you need.

Click the books below for more details.

SherrilTree, review

April 4, 2013

We enjoy working with the muscles and ligaments of tree climbers, but we want you to be careful with your pole saw and harness climbing.

SherrillTree has been in operation for over 50 years (since 1960). Today, operating in the same small town it was born in, Greensboro, North Carolina, SherrillTree is a business that is all about connecting tree enthusiasts with top quality gear at great prices. Primarily they provide arboricultural products to the tree care profession but SherrillTree also connects quite frequently with other tree-climbing enthusiasts including educators, scientists and recreational climbers.

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Healthcare & Professional Video Resources review

December 12, 2012

We are frequently called to give legal depositions because many of our clients have been in vehicle accidents. The insurance companies and lawyers take many depositions. We read about Healthcare & Professional Video Resources and filming prior to a deposition. This is ideal for our new massage therapists. Many times they get “stage fright” when they start their first deposition. If they did a video taping practice deposition with Healthcare & Professional Video Resources, our new therapist will be more comfortable when the actual deposition takes place.

Delray Recovery Center information

August 16, 2012

Sally: Where are you going today, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: I don’t know. I am feeling really depressed lately.

Sally: What is happening in your life?

Elizabeth: I see less massage clients and there is less money for our family budget. My husband, children, and I are on edge more. I am depressed, anxious, having trouble sleeping, and hooked on over-the-counter sleeping pills. I wish I could get some help.

Sally: I know the right people. Call Delray Recovery Center at 1-855-887-6763 or 1-561-404-1474. Their website is

Elizabeth: I’d rather talk to a holistic center.

Sally: Delray Recovery Center uses holistic, traditional, and alternative treatments. And they use our favorite, therapeutic massage therapy. I feel they can help you with an over-the-counter sleeping pill addiction. They assist entire families with addiction problems. On top of this, they have sessions for the entire family.

Elizabeth: Where are they located?

Sally: In Florida.

Elizabeth: This is good because I do not want to have treatments in the same city that I live in.

Sally: If you want to do so, you can call one of them and talk to one of their counselors for free. They are really concerned about helping people. And they have a very nice facility similar to an upscale hotel. There are places for outdoor activities.

Elizabeth: You convinced me. I will call them right now.

Kids are great

October 21, 2011

Guest post by Jewel Cole

My kids are the most important thing in the world to me and when we moved into this big old house I got more scared than ever to leave them home by themselves. I know it sounds dumb but at their age there’s already so much they can get into and living all the way out on a farmdidn’t exactly make me feel safe about strangers coming by. I talked to my husband about some Home Security Familyplans I had seen online and he agreed to get one. At least now I know when they’re coming in and out of the house and that if someone unauthorized comes in the alarm will go off! I know I’m probably being overprotective mother but I just worry about them and want to make sure they’ve got everything they need. I would never forgive myself if something happened to them because we moved all the way out here to the middle of nowhere and didn’t take the necessary steps to protect them, you know? That’s the biggest fear.

Keeping away the freshman 15

September 6, 2011

Guest post written by Leah Givens

Anyone who has half a brain knows that the freshman 15 is a real thing. All of my suitemates and I are really avoiding it though. We’re trying to keep each other accountable in our healthy decisions for it too. I think that will really help. It’s so easy to go in together and get unhealthy pizza. But when it comes to healthy eating, we can all order healthy takeout or go to a healthy restaurant together.

I’m a little worried about overeating in the dining hall though because it’s all you can eat. I was looking online to find some healthy meal suggestions for all of that and while I was doing that I saw After I looked through it a little bit I decided to send it to my parents, who’ve been looking for a new home internet service.

I’m also going to go to the gym and exercise classes on a regular basis so that I’ll have that going for me too. I think it will be tough, but I can do it.

A fairytale Disney vacation for our princess

July 7, 2011

Guest post written by Mary Caldwell

To say that our daughter likes princesses would be a vast understatement. If we would let her, she would definitely just wear her princess dress-up outfits to school every day and even sleep in them. But we obviously make her wear regular clothes. I tell her that it wouldn’t be special if she wore them all of the time! Because of her love for princesses we thought that it would be neat to go to Walt Disney World for vacation this summer.

She’s never been and I haven’t been since I was a kid so I’m pretty excited about it. While I was looking up some information on that and deciding the actual dates for us to go, I saw the site I read through it and thought that would be a great service to have so I signed up for it.

We’ll of course have to make a visit to Cinderella’s castle, where you can apparently eat breakfast. I guess that we’ll let her wear her princess outfit to that. Besides, she will be in the company of another princess!

Review of

March 11, 2011

I have reviewed three section of the Become Shopping Your Way website ( This site offers online shoppers the opportunity to see a large variety of products in one location. It also allows shoppers to compare prices between different retailers. Buying guides and tips are furnished to assist shoppers in the selection, comparison, and purchase of their products. Following, are some examples.

For a person wanting an olympic weight set; type this phrase into the search box, click on the applicable links, or go to . The guides on free weights are very helpful and well written. A person can find product reviews and specifications. The search for an olympic weight set can be refined.

Another person wanting a wrist brace can type said phrase into the search box, click on the applicable links, or go to . The guides on medical supplies & equipment are available. They are not as detailed as the guides mentioned in the above paragraph. Product reviews, specifications, and the ability to refine a search are also available.

For the third person wanting Wilson golf clubs; type this phrase into the search box at the top or bottom of the site or go to then refine your search. The guides are on the foregoing mentioned link with some sub links. Product reviews and specifications are also available.

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