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Colon polyps and stomach massage

July 14, 2010

Colon polyps seem to be on the rise. A family that I know has had two of their three children in their mid-thirties diagnosed with colon polyps. Both of the parents which are in their 50’s had the polyps also. Noone in this family that was diagnosed, exercises or eats right and two of them are heavy smokers. They are all over weight and all but one of them are sick regularly with anything that comes along. The only child that has not had polyps, is in his early thirties, he exercises regularly, is a healthy weight, and does not smoke. His diet is better than the other family members but not as good as it should be. After receiving clearance from their physcian, if they were to incorperate a high fiber diet and fresh fruit in addition to regular stomach massage this would increase the circulation to the colon and promote healthy bowel movements possibly lowering the risk of new polyps developing. Deep lymphatic stomach massage is great for getting build up loosened up in the corners of the intestines and getting fresh blood and oxygen into the abdomen to assist it in doing the job it was designed for.

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