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Kidney Dialysis

July 14, 2010

When a person’s kidneys do not function properly he can receive dialysis.  Dialysis rids the blood of toxic substances.  Hemodialysis is done with an external machine.  The person goes to a hospital or another health center about three times a week to receive the treatment.  The other type of dialysis is Peritoneal dialysis.  This can be done at home but is done every night.  Either way, kidney disease and receiving dialysis is a very tiring, stressful situation.  It is important to make every accommodation possible for clients receiving dialysis when scheduling appointments due to the added time needed to receive Hemodialysis dialysis.  Also, those who receive Peritoneal dialysis may become very tired between massage treatments; it is important to be patient with these clients as they may be tired and irritable, or may need to cancel some massage therapy appointments because they are too tired.


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