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September 6, 2011

Mechanotherapy is used for strengthening muscles, improvement of coordination and correction of movement patterns. The term mechanotherapy refers to the process of how load may be used therapeutically to stimulate tissue repair and remodeling in tendon, muscle, cartilage and bone. Common problems such as tendinopathies, muscle tears, and fractures require controlled loading to institute healing and return to function.

The scientific underpinning of how this occurs is related to “mechanotransduction”, which refers to a physiological process where cells sense and respond to mechanical loads. Exercise therapy as well as various manual therapies apply load to tissues with the goal of promoting healing. The underlying processes surrounding the effects of these therapies are poorly understood for many clinicians. Understanding the underlying physiological process behind many of our common therapies is necessary for treatment planning, therapist and patient education.

In this method of treatment the therapist will apply exactly estimate quality of motion on joints. The specific tools help to select the separate phases of free motions to support and fix desired joint. Designed apparatus helps to measure out the mechanical loading at implementation of motions and exercises during training.

Motions could be passive or active. Passive action is when motions of a patient are carried out by the therapist which facilitates motions. Active action is when a patient leads into action his muscle apparatus by efforts.

Loading on a joint and muscular group is graduated at a change of load weight and its position on a barbell, angle, in which the pendulum is set, frequency of the forced vibrations, and duration of the procedure. Also except the variety of mechanotherapeutic apparatus, for exercises different facilities are used, such as gymnastic sticks, Swedish walls and others. Many patients with different supports in rehabilitation departments of neurological, rheumatological, ortopedo-traumatology can have benefits from this system.

Improvements can measure by walks distance, range of motion, degree of pain, and flexibility or extensibility of the joint.

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