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Brain Cancer

July 30, 2010

I have shadowed therapists a few times, and on one of the occasions, the patient was a two year old boy who had just had a cancerous brain tumor removed. He was having some sensory difficulties, so the therapist and I worked with him. This was actually a fairly difficult process, but we did get him to do it. It was interesting to watch how this little boy who had just had such major surgery and was recovering from cancer worked. It was amazing though to see how the therapist worked with him and helped him overcome some of the sensory barriers.

Neurological Pathologies

July 21, 2010

While there is really no such thing as an unimportant factor to consider when deciding how to go about a massage therapy session, neurological factors are some of the more important factors to consider. One neurological disorder that is beginning to see more treatment by massage therapists is Cerebral Palsy. Often present at, during, or just after birth, Cerebral Palsy affects many children and has no cure. Through massage therapy, however, people with Cerebral Palsy can experience lower occurrences of spasticity due to the calming effects of massage therapy and can also experience greater flexibility and range of motion as well as even having more positive social interactions after several successful massage therapy sessions. It is important to note, however, that the massage therapists have to be extremely careful if and when they attempt to stretch a client with Cerebral Palsy due to the compromised bone density associated with Cerebral Palsy. Many massage therapists also find it beneficial to the patient to teach a family member or primary care giver some techniques that could help to calm a person with Cerebral Palsy in order to provide the best care for the client and to make the client as comfortable as possible when situations of severe pain or discomfort arise.

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