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Reproductive Pathologies, Conditions, and Sexually Transmitted Infections

August 10, 2010

One group of massage therapy patients on the rise is pregnant women. Although these women may not have any additional underlying illnesses or causes for massage therapy, they often can develop conditions due to the pregnancy that requires massage therapy. When a massage therapist encounters a pregnant patient, it is important to first and foremost ensure that the OBGYN has consented to therapy for the patient, and to go over any risks of the therapy sessions with the patient. Once this has been accomplished, the therapist should encourage the patient to void as to have a more comfortable experience, but should also be prepared for restroom breaks during the session as well. The therapist should ensure the patient is comfortable, and should also avoid using heat and make sure the client is cool throughout the session. Gentle strokes should be applied when massaging a pregnant client as to not cause a release in hormones or to cause the expectant mother any distress or discomfort.

Reproductive System Pathology

July 19, 2010

Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, 2nd edition, by Salvo and Anderson. Within the course of Dr. Johnson.

Now this section i definitely read over a couple of times. Reproductive pathologies, conditions and sexually transmitted infections. I am well aware of the conditions of the female reproductive system it was the sexually transmitted infections that i was worried about. Having had friends with STD who wanted massages was tricky at first because I didn’t know much but having read how things are spread as well as how long one has an STI or how to deal with them helps me decide if a person can get a massage from me. My mother who is an RN told me there is a lot of miscommunication and some things can be spread without an outbreak so most definitely proper safety measures are to be taken when dealing with clients who have STIs.

Reproductive Systems & STDs

July 12, 2010

* Pregnant women
* Persons (male/female) suffering with breast pain due to fibrocystic breast
* Recovery from mastectomy

would all benefit from receiving professional massage. Therapist must have specialized training for breast massage.

With regard to STDs the sterilization of linens is an absolute must.

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