Infection Control


Review of Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists, by Salvo and Anderson.

I have had a lot of the content in chapter one in previous classes. However, there are a couple things I learned/relearned. I knew a little about carcinomas but I didn’t know about oncogenes and oncoviruses. It says in the text that oncogenes are, "cancer causing genes"(pg 5). It goes on to explain that scientists aren’t exactly sure how these genes are activated. This part of the text also talks about oncoviruses. These oncoviruses cause cells to divide abnormally. One example that was given in the book was the human papillomavirus. A good deal of the chapter dealt with risk factors and the types of diseases. Some of the types of diseases include: metabolic, infectious, genetic, degenerative, deficiencies, cancer and autoimmune. Some of the risk factors for developing a disease include a person’s age, their genetics, their lifestyle, their environment, stress levels, and their gender. The chapter also noted the different types agents of disease which were bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. The definition of a pathogen is, "a living biologic agent capable of causing disease." The definitions of each of these are found on pages 8-10. In addition the chapter went on to discuss modes of transmission. Modes of transmission were split into two types: direct physical contact and indirect physical contact. Types of direct physical contact include pathogens entering via mucous membranes, intact skin, or broken skin. Types of indirect physical contact include pathogens entering the body via ingestion, or inhalation. This information can be found on pages 10-11. Another part of this chapter that was really important for massage therapists and the area of the medical field I want to go into is infection control. The text is very specific about proper procedures to follow to keep the therapist safe from the transmission infectious diseases. The basics include washing hands correctly, not wearing jewelry on hands or wrists, hygiene regarding finger nails, the use of clean linens (and how to clean linens), the importance of a clean uniform every day, avoiding cross contamination of lotions and liquids used during a massage session, the use of gloves when the therapist has an injury, not working when the therapist is ill, and not performing massages when the therapist is intoxicated or under the use of other substances. All of these were great reminders for people not only interested in message therapy but all forms of health care. This information was found on pages 13-15.

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