respiratory system pathologies


The breath of life, if a person is not breathing for few moments, death will come soon from lack of oxygen to vital organs like, the brain and heart, or causing permanent damages to them. It is so important to maintain a healthy respiratory system. Pathogens like viruses and bacteria come inside our body, using the respiratory system as an easy entrance. During the assessment, and during the massage, the therapist needs to observe if the breathing pattern is normal. If the client nose gets too congested because of the toxins being released or can not breath because of their sinus problems, the best thing to do, is to turn them over, let them clear up their nose and put some head support to lift the head, this will help them to breathe better. If the massage therapist observes signs of cyanosis on lips or fingernails this indicates lack of oxygen in the blood, advice medical attention immediately. Some positions and strokes will help the client, to clear up the respiratory tract, like percussion strokes can loosen up phlegm. Massage therapy can help the clients with respiratory system problems by improving their immune system. If the client has allergies or asthma, the massage room should be free of allergens, and have non allergen oils handy in case of an allergic reaction, and have close, a bronchodilator medicine, in case of an asthma attack. The respiratory membrane is located at the end of the alveoli, is where the gas exchange takes place, this is a tough membrane, and very elastic, long term exposure to air pollution, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, asbestos can damage it, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases will take place and a slow death could occur. If the client has respiratory illnesses and is under treatment, is necessary to know what medications is taking, that way, massage therapists can accommodate their service preventing any bad reaction to this drugs. Regular breading exercises, should be recommended to strengthen the respiratory system.

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